Discover our values

Quality at QFG has a double meaning. First of all, we focus on the quality of our products. We make every effort to ensure that our products satisfy even the most demanding customers. Second of all, the quality of our everyday cooperation is important.
Ensuring the safety of our employees is a key value for us. We strive to provide our employees with a safe and comfortable work environment every day.
Confidence in the workplace is extremely important in motivating and engaging employees in the tasks assigned to them. At QFG, we keep our word, respect each other and tell the truth.
In our everyday work, we care about the development of the company as an entity and each employee as an individual. We share knowledge with each other and provide the opportunity to develop competencies. We introduce the latest trends and innovations to help our company grow.
Health is our priority. Our goal is to find a balance between work and personal life, so that each employee has the opportunity to devote time to themselves and take care of themselves.
Professionalism is one of those qualities that we demand from each other every day. We are involved, we have a goal and a mission. We meet the requirements and standards and we are guided by a work ethic. We care about the environment.


In our offer you will find
poultry, pork and beef products, available as frozen, chilled, sterilized and pasteurized.

We are open to HoReCa and retail customers.

Additionally, besides the standard offer, we develop individual products in accordance with customer needs and specifications.
Every project is treated with passion and dedication.

Meet QFG

For over 15 years our qualified team has been delivering the highest quality convenience meat products.

Our products are broadly recognised by European customers. We are aware that production of tasty and safe food is a real challenge and for this reason we invest in the latest technologies and guarantee the highest quality standards.

QFG stands for:

Team full of passion and dedication, creating products to meet the highest quality standards.
Employer who gives prospects of a better future for the employees and their families.

Exporter – most of our products are served on foreign tables.

Polish company with international experience in European markets.
Responsible producer of safe food. Raw materials sourced only from certified suppliers.
Flexible partner – we meet the most sophisticated requirements and develop individual projects