Economic Contest by the District Administrator of Radom, called “Pearl of the District”, gives a chance to support business and agricultural activities, and of promoting innovative undertakings and solutions.

The purpose of the competition is to recognise products, companies and farms based in Radom district, which achieve the best economic effects.

Candidates for the award shall meet a number of conditions, such as manufacture of products appreciated by consumers, application of modern production technologies and management methods, being of good financial standing, obtaining high profitability of business activity, or diligent settlement of payments owed to business partners.

In addition, the rewarded entrepreneurs have to systematically invest in growth of their business, create new jobs and good working conditions for their staff, adhere to the ethics of fair competition, and must not pollute the environment.

Detailed assessment is carried out for such factors as sales dynamics, capital expenditures, growth of employment, innovation expenditure, and improvements in quality.