The quality goes hand in hand with safety

In our Technology Department, there is a team of specialists (engineers and technicians) who work on the right product quality. We also doubled the number of key machines.
Everything in order to provide the safety and the possibility of continuing the production for the maximum, even in conditions of the much increased demand.
Modern production lines, the commitment of employees and the developed system of the quality check, let us produce tasty, healthy and safe food.

In our facilities, we fully implement HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) procedures that help ensure food safety by identifying potential hazards and developing methods to prevent them.

We are fully aware of the liability that prevails on us, so we are supplied only by market leaders with the appropriate certifications and meeting the stringent requirements specified in the product specifications.

Objective confirmation of the high quality of our products is the international BRC (Grade A +) and IFS certification issued by the reputed accrediting Breu Veritas Poland.

We are an authorized partner for global market players who have certified our plant through their internal and highly demanding audit systems. They are as follows: IWAY and YUM, confirming our ability to adapt to individual customer needs. In addition, we are an authorized supplier of food for the army.

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